Losing Weight… For The Millionth Time

Welcome to my blog! My name is L and I’m trying to fight the bulge! I’ve been saying for SO LONG that I’m going to buckle down, give up the chocolate and lose weight and I am just useless at it. I will freely admit that I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to giving up sweet stuff. I just love to eat. What can I say? I’m an emotional eater. But, no more. I’ve reached the point where an intervention was necessary (sort of) and where a bed gave way (although it was 11 years old) but that’s no excuse. I DO need to lose weight. That is undeniable.

Why won’t I give up this time? I hear you ask. Well, now my parents are involved, so I don’t really have a choice (which sucks, but also might help to spur me on because I can’t give up if I have people watching me all the time, or most of the time).

So it’s less food, more exercise, and hopefully less weight and better fitting clothes (or better yet, the chance to go shopping and buy SMALLER clothes).

We’ll see…